VOC Suppression

NanoVapor Inc. offers breakthrough technologies in the industrial management of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These patented technologies can directly address the safety, health, and environmental issues with more effective and efficient vapor management in the energy-related and aviation industries, including fuel (gas) station storage tanks, aircraft tanks, above ground storage tanks, barges, rail tank cars, and tanker trucks.

NanoVapor’s solutions can provide business value to industrial customers by:

  • Improving workplace safety, health, and environment by minimizing venting or release of harmful vapors and reducing the risks of combustion.
  • Reducing maintenance costs as a substitute for nitrogen tank inerting, water filling, and air purging/venting services.
  • Significantly increasing asset or facility utilization by substantially reducing maintenance downtime and control device footprint. NanoVapor’s suppression technology can safely reduce the tank degassing time by more than 50% (up to 90% in some applications).
  • Reducing environmental impact, as NanoVapor’s products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and completely safe for humans, plants and animals.
  • Potentially decreasing evaporative product loss during transportation and storage.

NanoVapor’s patented systems may be used separately or combined to more effectively address the safety and operational inefficiencies caused by the flammability and harmful effects of organic vapors. These innovative systems use a proprietary vapor suppressant. Currently, NanoVapor’s systems and chemistry are optimized for hydrocarbons that are categorized as C5 or higher, such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuels.

Since NanoVapor’s disruptive technologies address vapor control at its source, they greatly improve industrial operational efficiency and asset utilization, while also improving workplace safety, air quality, and environmental impact. NanoVapor’s systems can rapidly suppress the formation of harmful VOCs, thereby reducing any risk of vapor combustion and/or workplace accidents. These benefits can provide measurable safety, health and economic value proposition for any business involved in the production, transportation, or storage of refined petrochemical products.

Current degassing methods, such as nitrogen, work by removing oxygen from the tank environment to prevent vapor combustion. This also creates the potential for worker asphyxiation. NanoVapor’s suppression technology directly suppresses the flammable vapor, preventing vapor combustion and making the work environment safer at the same time.

Suppression Delivery Systems

The air-driven ST-1000 includes no moving parts and is ATEX Certified/Intrinsically safe.  The electrically powered, computerized aircraft PLC systems include advanced telemetry capabilities.