Gas Stations and Forecourts

Underground Storage Tanks at retail fuel stations (gas stations or forecourts) require periodic and planned and unplanned maintenance or inspections. Maintenance may include replacing seals and/or gaskets, and repairing leaks, with manned or un-manned inspection. In some cases, the entire tank may need to be replaced or removed for station shut down. For jobs such as these, the tank must be defueled and cleared of VOCs prior to performing maintenance to prevent a fire, explosion, and human health risks related to the hazardous environment. Unplanned, or reactive degassings, are often as frequent as planned maintenance events.

Conventional degassing methods include:

  • Purging with air, which can take a long time to complete and be very unpredictable, as the fuel must be completely evaporated.
  • Purging with nitrogen until the oxygen concentration is reduced to 5% to 8%. Long duration jobs require multiple applications.
  • Filling the tank with water, which creates transportation challenges, contaminated water disposal, and remediation issues.
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Why NanoVapor

NanoVapor offers you a significant improvement in safety and can provide a valuable cost savings compared to using nitrogen or water.  Current degassing methods take significant time to complete, are expensive, and are considered a more hazardous operation. Methods using nitrogen or water to inert a tank require a large equipment footprint at the station.  This shuts down additional pumps and can impact convenience store foot traffic and sales.  If the degassing equipment footprint is too large for a small station, the convenience store may be shut down entirely impacting revenue to the owner and inconvenience to the customer.

The NanoVapor suppression system reduces costs and complexity over current techniques, while significantly reducing the work area footprint.  Although major service providers have expressed their primary focus is on Health, Safety and the Environment, the financial benefits are potentially significant as well.

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